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Let’s be real, shall we?

Your company employees are just phoning it in right now. Everyone is about forty miles past stressed, and there's no rest stop in sight. Frustrated and not sure what you can do to boost employee morale, motivation, and focus?

The truth is you have a problem and more importantly, my name is Sara Palmer and I have a REAL solution. I am HIRED by companies, organizations, and event planners alike, to train and teach their employees my proprietary 1-Minute Miracle Method ⏱️, a psychologically-proven 5-step decision making system that empowers and supports everyone, including you.

How do I do that exactly? There are no cookie-cutters here. Send us a message - I want to meet your company's needs, and knowing more about you guarantees the perfect talk or training.

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Meet Sara P.

My name is Sara Palmer, the “Permission to Choose” Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, and today I give you permission to make the right choice to truly help your employees and conference participants. Me.

As a recovering addict/scrappy survivor who triumphed over abuse, assault, & addiction, I have helped over 20,000 children and adults to
achieve success and serenity during my time as a veteran public-school teacher, professional consultant, and lay minister.

Now I bring a uniquely captivating and flavorful presentation and follow-up consulting services that will inspire your audience and lead them to make life-changing positive decisions before they even stand up from their seats. No BS, no fluff, just a meaningful, actionable step-by-step process!

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